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The History Channel
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D.M. Smith Middle School Luther Brown
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The Lighthouse
students who participated in
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Chrissy Daniels
Korsinskee Frazier
Danyala Smith
Dominique Burks
Gabrielle McGee
Isah Hodges
Jaquala Green
Marshekia Stacy
Sarah Sampson
Nicholas Proctor
Sharika Scott
Rodriquez Craig!

Lighthouse Arts & Heritage After-School Program

John Heggen
May, 2008

Live from the Birthplace of the Blues was funded by The History Channel’s Save Our History program. Its aim is to document the story of the Blues in the Mississippi Delta, the birthplace of this uniquely American art form. The project was administered by the Delta Center for Culture and Learning at Delta State University in Cleveland, MS. The students of the Lighthouse Arts & Heritage After-School Program, located at D.M. Smith Middle School, were the project’s participants.

The students of the Lighthouse program, all 7th and 8th graders, learned background knowledge about the Blues and formative events in the Delta and the country during the early days of the Blues. They received oral history training, and then interviewed five local Blues musicians.

This project has multiple goals. First, it can be used to learn the history of the Blues, and the culture from which it rose. The Blues influenced much of modern music (rock and roll, hip-hop, and rap), and as an important American contribution to the world, it is worth studying. The website is a teacher’s resource, five lesson plans are available online.There is a section that details oral history training with youth.

It is our hope that this project will spur other groups and classrooms to discover the heritage of their hometowns, and preserve it before it is lost.

Copies of the accompanying booklet are available from the Delta Center. For a copy contact us:

Delta Center for Culture and Learning
Delta State Unviersity
Box 3152
Cleveland, MS 38733

or cick here download a PDF version of the booklet.

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